Once nature is affected by critical problems such as acid rains, warming, ozone layer depletion, desertification and loss of species; it is high time for “Economy and Ecology” to proceed hand in hand for our common future.

We can list the most significant steps to prevent the environmental damage under three main categories; making improvements, taking precautions, and complying with the law in the use of humans and technology.

Our industrial firms should all start making calculations of carbon originated from their products and services and initiate carbon management processes and develop strategies for the reduction of carbon emissions. The most effective way to reduce carbon emission that causes global warming is the usage of energy efficiently. We, as Ferro Döküm, in accordance with the strategy of our company, hereby undertake to;

1. Set targets and objectives and make sure that these are all operated in practice,

2. Provide all necessary information and resources required for the accomplishment of these targets and objectives,

3. Comply with all internal and external legal requirements in terms of energy efficiency, energy usage, and energy consumption,

4. Achieve energy efficiency without making any compromises in our production and quality and improve our energy performance constantly,

5. Make energy efficiency as one of evaluation criteria in product and service purchasing processes,

6. Ensure the creation of designs that support energy efficiency and provide support in this subject,

7. Leave a habitable earth for the next generations by taking precautions and following sustainable policies about the greenhouse gas and global warming subjects,

8. Increase the awareness of energy efficiency and energy conservation by training our employees consistently,

9. To pioneer the casting sector in terms of energy efficiency.