Our Quality Policy

Quality of Goods and Services

It is the primary objective of all our divisions and employees to make sure that the goods and services that we offer in all the industries we are operating in are compatible with national and global standards and safe.

Customer Satisfaction

All our units and employees adopted the principle that the definition of customer includes both internal and external customers and that their demands and needs are to be met even by exceeding the expectations, developing and manufacturing goods based on lengthy research and offering high quality service in all the industries we are operating in.

Employee Satisfaction

We are aware that the real basis of customer satisfaction is the “employee satisfaction” and we provide a peaceful work environment for all Efesan Group employees where we support their personal and professional training.

Following The Technology

:To ensure that our goods and services are world class, we closely monitor all kinds of technological developments and we implement this approach in all of our divisions.

Keeping up with Technology

In order to keep our products and services in conformity with global standards, we follow all techonological developments and adapt this understanding into all of our units.

Training and Team Spirit

Team spirit and training is always a priority for us and we operate in unity and cooperation both in organizational and structural means.

Constant Development

Following the necessities of the new era very closely; we continue to develop ourselves by renovating the corporate structure by adapting the service mentality and the production targets to the changing conditions and new technology.

Our Environmental Policy

As a foundation sensitive for the environmental values at its production and development of cast iron and nodular cast iron pieces and fully aware of its responsibilities Ferro Döküm Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş., adopted the protection of nature during production, the conformity with the relevant legal regulations in force as well as customer demands and expectations, and other conditions, and hereby leaving an inhabitable environment for future generations as a principle.

In line with this principle; we undertake,

  • By taking life circle into consideration with the aim of controlling environmental effects
  • To prevent waste production at its resource,
  • To decrease the amount of waste in unavoidable cases,
  • To reuse raw materials and ancillary components in all our processes, and regain if reuse is not possible.
  • To remove the wastes in accordance with relevant laws and environmental conditions,
  • To decrease the consumption of natural sources and use them efficiently,
  • To increase the usage of renewable energy resources,
  • To increase environmental awareness by educating our employees about the environmental aspects and effects of casting processes,
  • To create emergency plans and take all possible precautions,
  • To take decisions with a proactive approach by evaluating risks and opportunities and to optimize the process management mechanisms,
  • To raise awareness of our suppliers from whom we get goods and services, and our customers about environment,
  • To improve and develop our Environment Management System continuously and ensure its continuity with the participation of all our employees,
  • To contribute the raise the awareness in the society by making social projects,
  • To be accountable to all internal and external parties within the context of Environment Management System in this regard when necessary.